LET'S BE GMO CLEAR! There is no GMO tomato on the US market today! I repeat. There is no GMO tomato on the US market today. To write so, as many misinformed bloggers and writers do, only confuses and misleads readers and consumers, while seed companies like Monsanto, Dow, and J.R. Simplot, to name a few, elate... Continue Reading →

One Bad Apple?

In case you have not heard, the USDA has recently approved the first Genetically Engineered apple. It's called the "Arctic Apple." Now, remember, organic apples are not Genetically Engineered, or "GMOs."  Yet, soon, conventional farmers everywhere will have the option to grow and sell  the Granny Smith and Golden Delicious varieties of Okanagan’s non-browning “Arctic” apple. Let's get geeky. So... Continue Reading →

Natural Foods Expo West

Today is the first day of the massive gathering of natural food products here in Anahiem, CA. Natural? Organic? Local? I know! It's daunting. Non-GMO Verified is trending like wildfire here. This is incredible and inspiring.  Yet, I will say, I do see a reduction in the USDA certified organic label. Thankfully, the ingredients are still organic in many of these cases.... Continue Reading →

Consumers Unite! Yes on prop 37.

Consumers unite for fair food! Tell a Californian to Vote yes on prop 37 to label GMO's on food packaging. What a precedence this will set for the entire US in the name of consumer equity and food justice. What we do not know can hurt us. -Karen Nation

Week One, Living Seed!

Navdanya A-Z of Organic Agriculture Week One, Living Seed: As we complete our first of four weeks at the Navdanya A-Z of Organic Agriculture course, let us say how grateful we are to Dr. Salvatore Ceccarelli for honoring us with his expertise in Participatory Plant Breeding.  A true seed guru, Dr. Ceccarelli explained how this method, left in the... Continue Reading →

Loophole of the ethically worst kind.

"It's no longer legal to feed cattle to cattle, but rendered cattle are fed to chickens, and chicken droppings and spilled feed are rendered back into cattle feed." Loophole of the ethically worst kind. All I'm saying is... Mad Cow Disease Investigation: USDA Quarantines Two Farms, Offspring Euthanized  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/05/04/mad-cow-disease-investigation_n_1477400.html?ref=food By TRACIE CONE 05/02/12 07:11 PM ET... Continue Reading →

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