FAIR FOOD FOR ALL is about equality and ethics in a globalized food system. Food changes everything- our bodies, our environment, our water supply, and especially, our global communities. Biodiversity, the balance of our ecological livelihood, depends on mindful acts of eating. How we think about food, from soil to plate, every time we eat, may well be the single most important act to come. From the global north, to the global south, let’s create fair food for all.

Through photography, video, and written word, FAIR FOOD FOR ALL began on a thriving organic farm in Dehradun, India in the  fall of 2011 as an academic &  journalistic voice  for Alison Caldwell’s  3 month journey to work at  Vandana Shiva’s organic conservation farm Navdanya.  Returning to India again in 2012 for 3 months, followed by 1 month in Vietnam brewed up even more depth and flavor to the blog.  Currently, Fair Food For All  remains a  food forward adventure  that thoughtfully informs on sustainable agriculture from a local and global perspective

 Alison Caldwell’s  personal journey to support a fair food system began when she was only 13.  Driving up the I-5 in Southern California, a McDonalds sat perched directly above a small heard of cattle. From the back seat she cynically cried out,  “See the cows? See McDonald’s?”  Hence, a first connection between agriculture and industrialized sized consumption.  Soon after, Alison would find herself in Boulder, Colorado for her undergraduate years where she discovered, even more so, what a mindful act of eating can be, and how eating ethically can look different to any eater.  

Today, Alison Caldwell is  creative  producer and holds a masters degree in  Food Systems from New York University.  Her care for a fair food system inspired her pursue a path where media, sustainable agriculture and social responsibility intersect.  Alison’s comprehensive understanding  of the origins, patterns, and future of food on a global scale allows her to create and develop content, through new and traditional media platforms, where food, culture, and politics merge.  Alison aims to inspire and creatively inform people about the integrity and joy of fair food.

Contact: alisoncaldwell@gmail.com

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