Meet your “Agriprenuer”!

hawaii profile picThis is Kevin Muno, agroforestry farmer with a passionate reverence and ethic for the land. What could we love more, right!  Kevin is founder of Montado Farms, and is embarking on a proposed restoration agriculture farm modeled after the oak savanna biome of the Mediterranean California climate. His Kickstarter campaign is almost near it’s goal and could use all the help he can get. At the very least, check out his  inspiring video that explains just how cool all this is.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 12.05.46 PMWhen you ask why the Montado Farms project is so important, Kevin says, “As a society, we will have some serious questions to answer in the near future regarding our food and our planet. How do we address climate change and sequester excess carbon out of the atmosphere? How can we stop desertification and heal our dry land soils? How do we feed the world’s growing population without destroying our soils? How do we build a community where the average person knows there farmer and where their food comes from?” Sustainable farm models like the one Kevin is proposing are smart small scale local solutions to such large scale dilemmas.

Thank you, Kevin. Fair food for all begins with unstoppable visionaries just like you!


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